A powerful, personal story of leadership and transformative organizational change

A man in a suit is giving a presentation.

Self Less:  Lessons Learned from a Life Devoted to Servant Leadership, in Five Acts

In this compelling leadership memoir, now an Amazon BestSeller, Len Jessup makes a strong case for proactive, selfless leadership as a powerful tool for leading others through transformational organizational changes. Through fun and interesting personal stories, in narrative form, he builds on the works of Peter Drucker, Tom Peters, Jim Collins, and others to bring to life compelling personal examples of servant leadership and its role in effecting change. Just for fun, he follows the five-act structure for plays that are credited to Shakespeare and others. This is a short, fun, somewhat emotional story of personal and professional development that many will find useful in their own journey as a leader. This book was recently published by Forbes and is available at either Forbes online or Amazon Publishing. Tom Peters, Jack Canfield, Robert Chapman, and other business gurus and leaders have written strong testimonials for Len's book.